Just a few of over 60 custom roasted coffees that we offer!

Tanzanian Peaberry - A complex, with a bright acidity, a medium body, and a unique smooth texture. Citrus flavors like lemon, as well as notes of blackberry, tea, and soft pipe tobacco can be detected. And no, there are no peas in it.

Papua New Guinea - Known for its bright acidity and full body. It has a complex, balanced flavor of sweetness mixed with pungent citrus notes; as well as mango, orange, and papaya aromas.

Sumatran - A full-bodied gourmet coffee, sometimes called the "thickest coffee in the world," with chocolatey, earthy, vegetal notes, and an herbal aroma. It makes a unique, complex cup for the adventurous coffee fan.

Brazilian Santos - Characteristics of this legendary bean include a balance of the three main characteristics of coffee: acidity, body, and sweetness. There is also a nutty, dark chocolate flavor that can be tasted while indulging upon a cup of this coffee. You may experience a fruity after taste, leaving you with a full experience of coffee perfection.

Rwanda Maraba - A subtle mix of cherry, grape, lime, chocolate, cantaloupe, mandarin orange, nectarine, candy, apricots, plum, in addition to a clean, crisp, and citrus acidity.

Jamaican Me Crazy -A velvety blend of caramel and vanilla creme with hints of coffee liqueur.

Ka-lua Fudge - Flavored with Ka-lua Fudge flavoring oils to create this dessert like treat.